Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The P&P Bunny leech

This pattern has got to be my easiest and most effective fly for Steelhead and even Coho on occasion (in smaller size) This fly gets down fast and fishes instantly due its free moving tail. Enough talk, let's tie this thing !

Here is the materials list :-

Hook - straight eye hook large enough to accommodate the bead put on in reverse and not   cover the hook eye. I use 1/0 Mustad 34007 saltwater hooks myself, smaller for a smaller bead/fly
Thread - colour of your choice
Bead - 1/4" colour of your choice. Use a smaller bead if you want it lighter or tying it smaller
Tail - Pink two tone zonker strip (its pink by the hide but purple tipped)
Body/Tail Flash - pink polar chenille, pearl flashabou, fuschia flashabou
Body - Purple cross cut rabbit
Head - purple dubbing with a little sparkle (ice dub would be great)

Step 1 - place your bead onto your hook in reverse (large hole towards the eye) and place it in the vice. Tie in your trailer material onto your shank along the top, and also under to fully secure it and tie in the Pink polar chenille.

Step 2 - take 4-5 turns of chenille. Cut a length of two toned rabbit for the tail about 2 1/2-3" long and anchor it down well making sure it sits straight along the shank without rolling slightly to the back side.

Step 3 - Tie in purple cross cut and wrap forward to the hook eye, slightly over lap each wrap. Then tie in 2 strands of pearl flashabou doubled on each side of the fly and 4-5 strands of fuschia flashabou doubled along the top of the fly.

Final step - dub in a little bit of purple sparkle dubbing of your choice, make a few wraps to hide the ugly thread area, brush it out a little, whip finish, cut the hook bend off and your done. Here you can see how it looks unfinished before the dubbing and finished with it.

Finished fly
This colour combination has proven to be extremely effective for me and several others.

Happy Tying 

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